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Transmission Solutions

Driveline Services Australia is a specialist supplier of transmissions for a wide range of vehicles and equipment across the country. Transmissions play a key role in keeping our manufacturing, mining, logistics and agriculture industries moving. To support those industries, Driveline is committed to supplying the high quality parts, assemblies and rebuilds you need. Whatever industry you’re in, whatever is driving you, the team at Driveline can provide parts, transmission repairs and replacement services to suit.

Driveline partners with OE manufacturers to import, export, supply and repair transmissions for clients from all industries. Our range includes parts and assemblies to suit a variety of passenger vehicles, 4WDs, on- and off-road trucks, mining equipment, locomotives, industrial machinery, and more. Whether you’re building a performance vehicle, heading off the beaten track or going underground, we have transmission parts and assemblies to match your driveline. Speak with a transmission specialist for parts, rebuilds and assemblies to suit your transmissions.

Transmission Parts at Driveline Services Australia

Driveline has spent the past 40 years building a reputation as a leading Australian importer, supplier and rebuilder of transmissions. With access to parts from many OEMs, we stock thousands of unique transmission components. Our extensive inventory allows us to provide transmission repairs, parts and services for a wide range of vehicles and equipment, such as:

  • Performance vehicles
  • 4WDs and light fleet vehicles
  • On- and off-road trucks
  • Mining vehicles
  • Mining processing equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Agriculture and processing machinery
  • Locomotive and track machines

A well maintained transmission is key to providing consistent power, maximising your equipment’s performance and avoiding unnecessary failures. If you’d like to extend uptime and prolong the life of your equipment, talk to a transmission specialist about our parts and transmission repair services today.

Complete Gearboxes & Transmissions

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Transmission Rebuild and Repair Services

High quality transmissions are built to exacting tolerances, and they require regular care and maintenance to continue performing. With transmissions playing such a critical role in the powertrain, each Driveline location is fully equipped to perform transmission rebuilds, repairs and maintenance services. Through our automotive workshop services, clients have access to decades of expertise, and our team can repair, rebuild or replace the transmissions seen in all applications. With locations across the country and an extensive range of parts at our fingertips, you can always rely on Driveline to provide high quality transmission rebuild services.

For custom, oversized or unusual transmissions, we are also equipped to provide a full range of repair services. For transmissions with worn or damaged parts, we may be able to repair individual components with our metal reclamation, machining and balancing equipment. Depending on the condition of your transmission, a transmission specialist will work with you to globally procure parts and perform repairs that are matched to your application. Between our transmission rebuild, repair and replacement services, Driveline is equipped to look after all types of vehicles and machinery across Australia. Get in touch with us today for more information on our transmission rebuild and repair services.