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Torque Converter Solutions

Driveline is proud to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading rebuilders and repairers of torque converters for off-highway vehicles in the mining, materials handling and agricultural industries. Torque converters play an integral role in reliable power delivery. For that reason, it’s critical that your torque converter and components are up to the task and able to deliver on workload and performance expectations.

The Driveline team provides torque converters, parts, servicing, and repairs to the mining industry by partnering directly with the world’s leading OEMs. Through our suppliers, we import, export and supply an extensive range of genuine parts including replacement components and seal kits. Working with Driveline ensures you have access to fast turnaround times and an extensive selection of parts and services designed to keep your fleet moving. For help with your enquiry, you can contact us for a quote, or talk to our team about the torque converters, parts and services we offer.

Torque Converter Parts and Components at Driveline

Driveline has delivered a wide range of torque converters, parts, assemblies, and repair services for more than 40 years. Working with leading national and international manufacturers, we’re able to stock and service some of Australia’s most popular equipment brands. Our catalogue of torque converter parts includes components from Dana, Kessler, Carraro, ZF, Hitachi, Komatsu, John Deere and many more. The direct OEM partnerships we hold give us access to the parts you need, ensuring the quickest possible turnaround time for your torque converter rebuild.
Whether you need servicing, a torque converter rebuild or repairs, a Driveline workshop is never far away. With a network of branch locations in operation across Australia, Driveline offers a true national service with the capacity to support you and your fleet, no matter where you are.

Torque Converters for Every Application

Driveline works hard to support a diverse range of customers with torque converter parts and rebuild services. We’re equipped to provide services for most major brands in a broad variety of applications, including:

  • Mining vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Marine craft and ships
  • Locomotives and track machines
  • Defence equipment

Regardless of the industry or requirement, Driveline can supply torque converters, spare parts and rebuild services to suit your application. Contact us today to find out more about the torque converter options available at your nearest Driveline location.

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Torque Converter Rebuild and Replacement Services

The Driveline national network offers torque converter testing and rebuild services for a variety of machines across the country. By partnering directly with most global powertrain manufacturers, Driveline provides comprehensive rebuilds and torque converter servicing. Our industry partnerships allow us to reduce lead time and the cost of rebuilds while still maintaining OEM specifications, procedures and parts.
Driveline provides torque converter rebuild services to address a range of common mechanical issues. If you are having problems with torque converters that are leaking, noisy, unbalanced or slipping, our team can help. Talk to us to book a torque converter rebuild at one of our national locations.

Torque Converter Parts and Converter Seal Kits

Driveline supplies, imports and exports OEM torque converter parts from leading manufacturers across the world. Our catalogue includes converter parts, assemblies and seal kits from brands such as Dana Spicer, Carraro, Kessler, ZF and more. We hold strong partnerships with these companies, allowing us to source converter parts for some of Australia’s hardest working powertrains. This extensive range of parts and torque converter seal kits allows us to service most vehicles and equipment. For more information or for a quote on our torque converter parts, repairs and rebuilds, contact Driveline today.