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Light vehicle fleets and 4WDs keep Australia moving. With the large-scale utilisation of 4WD vehicles across Australia’s public and private sectors, we know light fleets work hard in some of the country’s most toughest environments.

To minimise downtime ­and ensure light fleet and 4WD vehicles are always up to the challenge, our team of 4WD drivetrain experts maintains working partnerships across the country. We work with retail customers, trades, fleet managers, commercial operators and government departments to design, supply, repair and install:

  • Drivetrains
  • Steering and suspension
  • Electrical
  • Engine, exhaust, and cooling
  • Brake and clutch
  • Body parts and panels
  • Transmission components
  • Customised services to suit your operational requirements

Driveline partners with quality manufacturers to import and export equipment from OEMs across the world. With tens of thousands of genuine and aftermarket components in stock, we can provide 4wd drivetrain solutions for all popular light fleet vehicles, including the Toyota Landcruiser and HiLux, Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Isuzu D-max and more.

Our 4WD suspension upgrade services are backed by advanced technologies, strict quality controls, accredited partnerships and fully equipped vehicle service centres. With our commercial and light vehicle service centres being authorised by brands such as DANA, Driveline supplies the time and cost-effective services that keep Australia moving.

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Retail, Trade and Commercial Fleet Vehicle Upgrades and Services

Gen II harsh equipment handbrake kit
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As an industry leader, Driveline understands that uptime and cost-reduction are two of the biggest factors facing commercial fleet operators.

When breakdowns can cause substantial losses in time and productivity, it’s important to work with a company that knows the industry inside and out. Driveline draws on decades of expertise and the latest technologies to offer comprehensive commercial fleet servicing, repairs and a 4WD suspension upgrade.

With more than 40 years of experience in meeting client challenges, our team can design 4WD drivetrain solutions that expand the use of your light fleet vehicles and keep them on the road for longer.

We have access to 4WD lift kits, parts and equipment from the world’s leading OEMs. That means Driveline’s national locations are equipped to provide high quality 4WD suspension upgrade services your operators can rely on.

Whether you need a transmission rebuild, a suspension upgrade or bespoke power transmission components, Driveline’s unique solutions can help reduce cost and minimise labour across your fleet. Our transmission specialist have the experience and expertise.

Solutions Include:

  • Driveshaft design, modification, balancing and repair
  • Differential and Transmission rebuilds and repairs
  • Standard, heavy duty and extra heavy duty driveshafts
  • Heavy duty front axle assembly replacement
  • Steering racks, boxes and pumps
  • CV joints and shafts, parts and upgrades
  • Brakes pads, callipers, rotors, bearings and bolts
  • Gearbox modifications and upgrades
  • Swivel and whe­el bearing kits featuring OEM components by Koyo, NSK and Nachi bearings
  • Universal joint rebuilds, fabrication and replacement services
  • Durashock suspension components, upgrades and services
  • Certified SMART GVM upgrades for Toyota 4WD vehicles
  • Custom solutions available at client’s request

4WD Modifications, Rebuilds and Upgrades

In highly competitive industries where fleets are pushed to the limit, many of Australia’s largest light fleet operators rely on 4WDs to get the job done. Vehicles like the Toyota Landcruiser and Hilux are put to the test across the country in trade, construction, commercial, mining, agriculture, materials handling and industrial applications. Each of these sectors represents a unique challenge that requires high quality 4wd drivetrain solutions from the experienced team at Driveline.

Combining the latest technologies with vast engineering expertise, Driveline Services Australia is leading the way in feature-rich 4WD suspension upgrades, modifications and service solutions. Whatever the requirement, our 4WD lift kits deliver longer equipment lifespans and consistently outperform original equipment, components and assemblies.

With a proven reputation for in-house design and engineering processes, our world-class automotive workshop offers enhanced driveline, suspension, underbody, diff, axle and power transmission components.

Our light fleet inventory includes components for many 4WD setups and the world’s most popular manufacturers, including Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, VW, LDV and more. No matter the challenge, Driveline has the right 4wd lift kit or 4wd suspension upgrade solution for every scenario.

Solutions Include:

  • Driveshaft design, modification, balancing and repair upgrades
  • Differential and transmission rebuilds and repair upgrades
  • Standard, heavy duty and extra heavy duty driveshaft upgrades
  • Heavy duty front axle assembly replacement upgrades
  • Steering racks, boxes and pump upgrades
  • CV joints and shafts, parts and upgrades
  • Brakes pads, callipers, rotors and bearings
  • Gearbox rebuilds, modifications and upgrades
  • Swivel and whe­el bearing kits featuring OEM components by Koyo, NSK and Nachi bearings
  • Universal joint replacement and upgrade services
  • Durashock suspension components, upgrades and services
  • Certified SMART GVM upgrades for 4WD vehicles

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Durashock Suspension for 4WDs and Light Fleet Vehicles

Australia’s commercial fleet and 4WD operators often work in demanding and unforgiving conditions. From mine sites in central Queensland to the sandy shores of Western Australia, keeping fleet vehicles moving can be a battle. To ensure your vehicles are up to the challenge, Driveline is proud to supply our own Durashock suspension components.

Driveline’s range of Durashock suspension and approach to shock absorbers replacement is the result of continuous research, testing and development over the past 20 years.

We’ve designed our Durashock shock absorbers to be the ultimate solution for light fleets, 4WDs and off-road vehicles. Built tough with a twin-tube gas-charged design, Durashock shock absorbers are among the most reliable and affordable solutions on the Australian market.

With Durashock parts to suit 4WDs from Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, VW, LDV and other leading OEMs across the world, Driveline can deliver suspension upgrades for your personal vehicle or for an entire fleet.

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