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Universal Joint Solutions

Driveline Services Australia manufactures, imports and supplies a broad range of universal joints for most types of vehicles, machinery and industrial equipment. The universal joint is the heart of your driveline. Selected to match the torque, speed and angle of your application, the right universal joint is the defining factor of your driveshaft. Whatever your application, our workshops across Australia can specify and install a universal joint to keep your driveline moving.

Our expert team partners with OEMs and OEM-quality manufacturers from across the world. We import, export, manufacture and supply a wide range of driveline replacement parts for customers throughout Australia. With a catalogue that includes joint solutions for cars, 4WDs, on- and off-road trucks, mining equipment, industrial and material handling machinery, marine, rail plant and more, Driveline has a universal joint for every application. If the parts you need can’t be found in our extensive catalogues, we’re also equipped to manufacture custom universal joint and driveshaft solutions. Contact us today for help selecting a universal joint from our catalogue. Or talk to us about our universal joint replacement, repair and custom manufacturing services.

Driveline Is a Universal Joint Manufacturer

The Driveline team stocks an extensive range of driveline components and universal joint solutions. Working with leading suppliers, manufacturers and brands from across the globe, we’re able to provide a universal joint and driveshaft solution for almost every application and environment. To ensure we’re providing parts that maximise equipment uptime as well as convenience, most joints in Driveline’s universal joint range are available in greaseable and sealed configurations. Many also feature protective thrust pads and triple lip seals for superior protection and longer service life.

If you can’t find the universal joint and driveshaft solution you need on our shelves, Driveline is also equipped to offer alternate solutions or even manufacture custom components. With a team that boasts more than 40 years of manufacturing and fabrication experience, we’re prepared to work with you to deliver a driveline solution that matches your specifications. All of our custom manufactured components are designed to our exacting standards with quality materials and state of the art production processes. Our experience working in some of Australia’s harshest environments means we can design and recommend universal joints for any application. Talk to us today to find out more about the universal joint solution you require.

Explore Our Universal Joint Catalogue

Driveline is Australia’s leading independently owned and operated importer, manufacturer and supplier of universal joints. To ensure we have a universal joint for every application, we work with many of the world’s largest OEMs, including Spicer, Meritor and Neapco. With their support, Driveline is able to stock thousands of unique components and supply universal joints and driveshaft solutions to customers across the country.

With the universal joint being the heart of every driveline, our experienced team is ready to match your application to the parts you need. Our catalogues include a wide range of universal joints to suit passenger vehicles, on- and off-highway transport, mining, industrial, materials handling, marine and agricultural equipment. We support all public and private clients across Australia with universal joints for:

  • Passenger and performance vehicles
  • Light fleets and 4WDs
  • On and off-highway trucking
  • Mining fleets and processing equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Agriculture, harvesting and processing machinery
  • Defence force applications
  • Boats, ships and marine craft
  • Locomotives and track repair machines

Complete Universal Joints

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Universal Joint Replacement and Repair

In addition to our custom and off-the-shelf universal joint range, Driveline provides extensive repair and replacement services. Through our workshop services, our repair and manufacturing team is equipped to restore or replace worn and damaged components. We’re happy to perform universal joint replacement on both factory and custom-manufactured components. As long as the part is in a repairable condition, Driveline has the capabilities to rebuild driveshafts to meet or exceed original specifications.

All universal joint replacement and repair services are carried out by our experienced workshop staff. With branches throughout Australia, our workshop services are always nearby if you need to restore a driveshaft or replace a universal joint. Our driveshaft repair services are performed by experts with access to state-of-the-art machining, metal reclamation and balancing equipment. Together with our extensive catalogue of new and OEM parts, Driveline is equipped to handle all repairs and replacements for vehicles, machinery and equipment across Australia.

Staked Universal Joint Replacement

Many OEMs are now producing vehicles with non-replaceable, or “staked”, universal joints. This is done with the intention of securing future sales of complete shafts when the joint wears out or fails. Driveline can help. Through extensive product development and global procurement, Driveline has developed a reliable supply and quality process that allows us to reliably remove and replace staked joints to give this style of driveshaft a new life. With staked joint replacement costing thousands of dollars less than complete shaft replacement, talk to Driveline today about our non-replaceable “staked” universal joint services.