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Few industries demand more reliability and longevity from their vehicle components than trucking and road transport. Where parts and services are expected to last millions of kilometres, Driveline’s underbody and power transmission services are up to the task.
Drawing from a combination of Driveline’s own manufactured parts, as well as those from industry leading brands such as Dana and Meritor, we are the ideal partner for your road transport business.

Our Parts & Services

Keeping your vehicles on the road is a major task. Driveline’s extensive range of products and services cover all underbody equipment, including a truck axles, diffs, gearboxes and driveshafts.

Driveline manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of drivetrain hardware. Alongside our own parts, we offer components from major trucking manufacturers and can supply complete assemblies and driveshaft parts for most makes and models of American, European and Japanese trucks.

Axles & Differentials
We provide parts, repairs, rebuilds and services for axles and differentials from most major manufacturers, such as Dana, Meritor, Sisu, Volvo, Scania and Mercedes.

Gearbox & Transmission
Delivering power to the wheels means your transmission has one of the toughest jobs on board. Driveline supplies a comprehensive range of powershift transmission parts and servicing to suit most major trucking brands.

Damage Inspection & Reporting
Collisions and other damage are a fact of life in the trucking industry. If your vehicle is damaged Driveline can carry out a comprehensive inspection and report on any powertrain components needing repair or replacement.

Component Reconditioning & Repair
Using computer-controlled machines we can provide straightening for most components, including axles, driveshafts and diffs.

Chassis Extensions
Driveline’s Brisbane branches are equipped to perform a range of chassis modifications. Common modifications include shortening through chassis cutting or axle repositioning, lengthening through chassis extension or axle repositioning, and increasing vehicle overhangs.

Under Queensland Transport’s Approved Person Scheme, the Driveline team is certified to help design, manufacture and approve the chassis modifications you require.

Automotive parts | Driveline Services Australia
Differential and shock absorbers under vehicle chassis | Driveline Services Australia
Machinery driveshaft | Driveline Services Australia

A Higher Level of Service

Since 1982, Driveline has been one of Australia’s most trusted repairers and suppliers of drivetrain and trucking components, providing a comprehensive range of truck parts Australia-wide and to other locations around the world. Through the years, we’ve built valuable partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, developing an extensive collection of high-quality parts and components for every customer.

Today, Driveline once again raises the bar for driveline manufacturing offering the following benefits:

The Driveline Way

As Australia’s leading underbody and power transmission specialists, we know what trucking and road transport companies truly need for their vehicles. We’ve refined our service over the past 30 years, providing complete support that goes well beyond just supplying auto parts and components. What truly defines our service is our unrelenting drive to always deliver whatever you need. Whether its custom manufacturing parts or getting special after-hours repair services, your trucking needs are in safe hands with Driveline Australia.

At Driveline, we commit to provide service that is always:

Mechanic standing at a computer terminal giving the thumbs up | Driveline Services Australia

Driveline Repairs, Modifications and Components

Our extensive and comprehensive range of driveline hardware, coupled with our ability to manufacture our own line of components in-house, means that we can modify or repair any driveshaft to match your specifications. We are a distributor for Dana Spicer (both Mechanics and Spicer series), Neapco and Meritor to ensure only the highest quality products are utilised.

Our Driveline range includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Our experienced driveshaft engineers can assist with all driveline queries or modifications. From truck chassis extensions to high performance Commodore and Falcon driveshaft modifications, our team will work closely with the customer to ensure the best outcome is obtained.

Our range of components includes:

Each of our branches located in Townsville, Mackay, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Dubbo, Cobar, Broken Hill, Melbourne and Perth are staffed by expert engineers and fully equipped with the latest driveshaft balancing machines and workshops facilities to handle any job.

Axle, Differential and Transmission Repairs

Driveline has extensive experience in the repair of axles, differentials and transmissions to suit everything from underground dump trucks to on-highway trucking, including the following models:

Reman Transmission & Carriers

Axle, Differential and Transmission Repairs

There are few parts more essential to the safety and performance of trucks than its brake components. With this in mind, Driveline supplies a wide range of brake parts to give you a system that you can always trust to keep you safe. These parts include:

Brake Shoes and Lining

Steelite X30 Brake Drums

Pads & Rotors

Brake Kits

Other Components

We also provide a variety of components that can significantly improve your vehicle’s performance. These parts are designed specifically for on and off-highway trucks, making them more suited to your particular transport needs. Some of these special components include:

Slack Adjusters



Wheel End Bearings

Commercial OE Shocks

Air Springs

King Pin Kits

Tie Rod Ends

We provide custom truck parts Australia-wide and internationally, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you require parts with special specifications and features.

Serving Australia and the World

With twelve branches in Australia, Driveline continues to be the country’s leading underbody and power transmission specialists. All our branches interlink seamlessly to provide a national network for trucking and road transport companies throughout the country. With millions of dollars worth of driveshaft stock on-shelf and ready to go, we’ll provide the parts you need no matter which of our branches you visit.

Our Driveline branches include:

Although we primarily supply truck parts Australia-wide and in local markets, we also supply parts to other parts of the world, as some of our international clients have shown.

Your #1 Trucking Partner

When it comes to keeping your trucks and transport vehicles moving, you won’t find a better or more reliable partner than Driveline. In addition to repairing, modifying or rebuilding your driveshaft, differential, axle or transmission, we can supply many high-quality truck parts to suit your vehicle. Whether you use a single drive shaft or a multi-piece system, we’ll give your vehicle the parts and service it needs.

With 30+ years of industry experience driving our expertise, you can be sure that you’re receiving top-notch support and service from Driveline Australia. We supply truck parts Australia-wide and internationally, making us your number one partner for all your trucking needs.

For unparalleled customer service and world-class truck parts and components, Driveline are the specialists to turn to. To get started, simply call 1300 374 835 to talk to one of our consultants or send us your enquiry through our website.

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