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Welch Plug Solutions

The Driveline team has been Australia’s leading supplier, importer, exporter and manufacturer of power transmission components for over 40 years. Among our extensive stock of parts, we carry welch plugs to suit a broad variety of driveshafts and applications. Sourced from manufacturing partners across the world, our welch plugs are produced from high quality steel and alloys, making them a match for tough Australian conditions.

Driveline provides tailshaft and powertrain solutions to clients operating in some of Australia’s toughest industries. From mining and transport to agriculture, defence, rail, marine and more, we can provide a welch plug solution for every tailshaft application. Get in touch with us today to find out more or book your tailshaft in for welch plug repair at one of our automotive workshops across the country.

Driveline Offers Welch Plug Replacement

As specialists in underbody and power transmission components, Driveline recommends welch plugs be maintained in all applicable tailshaft applications, including:

  • Passenger cars and performance vehicles
  • 4WDs and light fleet vehicles
  • On- and off-road trucks
  • Mining vehicles and equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Locomotives and track machines
  • Marine craft
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Materials handling equipment

If a missing or damaged welch plug is compromising your tailshaft’s operation, speak to Driveline about repair and replacement today.

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Welch Plug Solutions - FAQs

A welch plug is a thin metallic plug that is sometimes used to seal the end of specific tailshaft components in order to retain grease and/or prevent contamination of the assembly.
A welch plug is a thin metal cap with a slightly convex shape. The plug is designed to be a tight fit in the hole it’s filling. During welch plug installation, the plug is struck with a hammer, flattening its convex shape and causing the welch plug to expand and seal the hole completely.
A leaking, damaged or missing welch plug can be replaced by an experienced technician. The welch plug installation process involves either striking the new plug with a hammer to deform the dome and seal it into the casting, or welding the replacement plug into place.

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