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High Performance Parts, Gearboxes and Diff Specialists

Performance vehicles are some of the most demanding applications for underbody and power transmission products. Whether you are headed for the street, strip, circuit, or four-wheel drive applications, your drivetrain components need to be up to the challenge.

When fractions of a second count, Driveline’s high performance components can put you out in front of the competition. By leveraging our understanding of the complete power transmission process, Driveline’s gearbox and diff specialists are experts at maximising torque and performance along the length of your driveline.

Driveline are experts at engineering performance parts. We can design and install components that suit your exact specifications. Whatever the challenge, our team of diff specialists can supply off-the-shelf and custom parts that are matched to the brawn and budget of your performance application.

Driveline’s World-Class Performance Division

Driveline’s expertise in high-performance componentry is driven by our world-class Diff and Gearbox Division. This division specialises in the design and manufacture of custom differentials, gearboxes, axles and driveshafts for nine-inch street, strip, circuit and off-road applications.

Our proficiency with manufacturing advanced parts was born from our experience as Australia’s leading drivetrain and underbody specialists. After 40 years of industry specialisation, our diff specialists have developed the skills required to craft superior parts that perform at the highest level.

Driveline‘s gearbox and diff specialists are experts at maximising torque and performance along the entire length of your driveline. With these skills and experience, our Performance Division proudly offers the following products and services for high-level performance vehicles:

  • Gear sets and spools
  • Differentials
  • 9” third member centre assemblies
  • Custom cases and diff housings
  • USA quality high performance 1350 Series Slip Yokes
  • USA quality high performance billet 60/61 T6 alloy coupling adaptor flanges
  • Studs, bearings and retainers
  • Diff and axle straightening
  • Driveshaft reconditioning
  • Crack testing
  • Custom performance and heavy duty shafts
  • Axle stud pattern changes
  • Axle resplining
  • Workshop and fitment services
performance vehicle
performance vehicle

Our Performance Vehicle Parts and Services

Driveline operates a world-class performance division that can manufacture, supply and fit parts to meet your precise specifications. We deal with a wide range of on- and off-road performance vehicles. We also offer accompanying services to assist with parts for gearboxes, suspension, driveshafts and axles, diff repairs, braking components, CV joints and much more.

Gearbox and Transmission

We can design, engineer, supply and install a range of transmission components designed for high-performance, high-powered usage, both on the street and off the beaten track.

Diff Specialists

We provide a range of differential solutions, including hard use and heavy-duty options for both on- and off-road applications. Using your specifications we can provide diffs, axles and shafts that are up to any challenge.


Driveline carries a wide range of 4WD suspension components, including shock absorbers, springs and small parts. Durashock is Driveline’s own brand of quality suspension products, all engineered for Australia’s harsh conditions.

Custom Components

If you need specific parts not available from our shelves or supply partners, Driveline is equipped to design, engineer and manufacture custom components just for you.

Damage Inspection and Reporting

Our diff specialists can inspect your vehicle for damage and provide full reports on its condition.

Component Repair and Straightening

Even minor damage can cost precious performance and prematurely wear expensive running equipment. Driveline uses computer-controlled machines to straighten drivetrain components and avoid the need for costly replacements.

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Selection of Superior Brands

Although we carry our own range of Driveline performance parts, we know that some vehicles require parts from other brands. That’s why we work with the world’s foremost performance brands, including Sonnax, Yukon, Strange, Exedy, and many more.

As leading specialists, we know which brands can be trusted and which products match our high standards. You can rest assured that our third-party components offer the same excellence that you expect from Driveline. If it’s not good enough for us, then it’s not good enough for you.

When it comes to the ultimate upgrade, nothing can match the improvements offered by custom parts. That’s why Driveline‘s diff and gearbox division can custom build almost any drivetrain or underbody component. Whether you want all-out brawn in your upgrade, or a more reserved improvement to fit your budget, we’ll design and manufacture performance parts according to your specifications.

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Dedicated Smash Repairs and Services

When bad luck strikes and you need smash or diff repairs, one thing’s for sure: you need to have the right specialists working on it.
That’s because high-performance vehicles require a higher level of servicing and maintenance than standard vehicles. This is especially true if you want to retain or improve your vehicle’s performance. To do this effectively, you need specialists who truly know how to work with high-performance vehicles, and that’s exactly who Driveline’s technicians are.
At Driveline, you will find the following products and services for the repair and maintenance of high-performance vehicles:

Diff and Axle Services

Tailshaft Services

Power Steering Services

Suspension Services

CV Front Wheel Drive Services

Diff & Axle Straightening

Bent axles and diffs cause severe problems down the road, especially if they’re not repaired promptly. In most cases, it’s simply not worth risking your vehicle – or your safety – by continuing to drive with a bent or damaged driveline.

As leading gearbox and diff specialists, Driveline understands these parts are critical to the function of high-performance vehicles. If you want to maximise your vehicle’s safety and performance, you need to ensure your diffs and axles are always in top condition.

Our specialists can fix any misalignments or damage on your vehicle’s differentials or axles and provide:

Remember to be aware of some of the symptoms of bent or damaged diffs and axles. These include:

If you experience symptoms like these on your vehicle, it’s best to have it checked by our specialists. With our expert technicians and specialist equipment, we’ll be able to diagnose and fix any diff or axle issues your vehicle may have including diff repairs.

Take Your Performance to the Next Level

Want to upgrade your high-performance vehicle and get it posting its best times? Contact us on 1300 374 835, or send your enquiries to [email protected]. Our team of driveline, gearbox and diff specialists can provide any parts and services you need.

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