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GVM Upgrades

If you’re pushing your Toyota to the upper limit, you need a GVM upgrade. Driveline’s Durashock SMART GVM Upgrades. Superior load carrying capacity… increase your

Gearboxes & Transmissions

As the underbody and power transmission specialists, Driveline Services Australia offers unparalleled insight into 4WD and on- and off-road manual and hydrostatic gearboxes and transmissions.

Suspension Products

Australia offers one of the harshest most unpredictable environments. Your suspension is tasked with taming it. Durashock Suspension Systems is Driveline’s own Australian designed and

Off-Highway Axles & Transmissions

Effective and efficient power transmission from the engine to the wheel is essential to your machine’s operational success. Driveline Services Australia, together with the world’s


The sole role of a driveshaft is to transmit torque from the drive unit to the driven unit. It might sound simple, but in most

Three universal joints of different sizes | Driveline Services Australia

Universal Joints

The universal joint is the heart of your driveline. Selected to match the applications torque, speed and angle the universal joint series is the defining