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U-Bolt Solutions

Driveline is Australia’s leading independently owned and operated underbody and power transmission specialist. Our extensive catalogue of parts includes a variety of u-bolts to suit most 4WD suspension systems. U-bolts are a critical component of suspension. Commonly used as fasteners for leaf spring and axle assemblies, u-bolts are a simple and effective solution. With access to OEM and aftermarket parts suppliers from across the world, the Driveline team can source u-bolts for any application. Whether it’s a 4WD or an off-highway machine, we can help.

Over the past 40 years Driveline has earned a reputation for supplying reliable underbody and power transmission parts and assemblies to the Australian market. Talk to us today to find out more about our catalogue of u-bolts.

U-Bolts for Heavy Duty Suspension and Powertrains

U-bolts are a ubiquitous fastener that are found in vehicles and equipment across Australia. Like most fasteners, u-bolts are long-lived and highly reliable, but they should be replaced during servicing, suspension replacement or if they are showing signs of wear, corrosion or damage. Driveline can assist with u-bolts for a range of equipment, including:

  • 4WDs and light fleet vehicles
  • On- and off-road trucks
  • Mining vehicles
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Defence applications

As one of the world’s most versatile fasteners, u-bolts have found a home in vehicles, machinery and equipment from every industry. From mining and manufacturing to materials handling, defence, road transport, agriculture and beyond, Driveline can supply u-bolts that keep your operation moving.

Complete Suspension

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Universal Joints FAQs

A u-bolt is a type of bolt that is shaped like the letter U with screw threads on both open ends. They are a ubiquitous fastener commonly found on a wide range of vehicles and machinery. They are frequently used to support axles, leaf springs, pipes and more.
U-bolts are a major part of many vehicle suspension and powertrain systems. They are often used to connect a vehicle’s axles to the leaf springs or to the body of the vehicle.
U-bolts should never be reused when repairing or replacing suspension components like leaf springs. U-bolts function as a simple clamp that holds components together, but they are typically torqued to yield. This causes the bolt to deform slightly and become unsuitable for reuse, meaning u-bolts should always be replaced during servicing.
Like most fasters, over tightening a u-bolt can strip the threaded ends, damage the nuts or even shear the body of the bolt. While you are unlikely to damage the leaf springs or axles, damage to the u-bolt may not be apparent until it shears under load. Check the manufacturer’s torque specifications and avoid over tightening.
U-bolts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the application. They are typically classified by a rounded, square or semi-rounded profile. U-bolts are also available in a variety of sizes, diameters, coated finishes, thread pitches and more.