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Driveline now gives you unprecidented access to the nuts and bolts of our workshop operations.

Here you will find everything from our product range, technical information, and measurement charts to our surplus equipment and the special projects our engineering team proudly showcase.

In addition we talk in detail about some of our industry process’s which help to keep us at the forefront of our industry and firmly entrench us as “the underbody & power transmission specialists”.


Driveline Products

Welcome to the area where we showcase our latest product and component releases.

When we first opened our doors as a two-man tailshaft workshop back in 1982, Driveline stood for reliable and economical tailshaft design, modification and repairs.

Our philosophy hasn’t changed since our simple beginnings, and many people today see us as the complete underbody and power transmission specialists. And with over 20,000 part numbers and countless workshop services for the drivetrains of almost every vehicle on the planet, they’d be right!

With a vast inventory covering driveshafts, centre bearings, differential, gearbox & transmissions, suspension, SMART GVM upgrades, universal joints, bearings, cv shafts & selected steering products you are sure to find the part you want at the right price.


Metal Reclamation

For over 15 years, Driveline has used the Mechanical Bond method of Metal Reclamation to return metal to worn surface parts.

This process, unlike a fusion bond, means that it ‘grips’ the parent item as opposed to melting the parent item and fusing together. Items to be repaired are machined between 0.5mm and 1mm deep to allow minimum thickness of spray material, far less than the original hard facing depth of up to 2mm.

Areas not to be sprayed are masked with either ordinary masking tape or special paste. Maximum temperature is approximately 105 deg C and the sprayed item can be removed from the chuck by hand in most instances.

Items to be spray welded are not preheated to 700 deg C or greater (cherry red) as some other forms of shaft reclamation require. The sprayed area is then re-sized to original specification by machining in a lathe, then undergoes a rigorous quality assurance inspection before being returned to the customer.


Industrial Balancing

Slight, almost imperceptible imperfections resulting from minor damage or heavy use can be highly detrimental to the efficient rotation and operational stability of industrial equipment. Unchecked, these imperfections create unwanted vibrations that affect a machine’s accuracy and performance and can cause premature failure.

Driveline’s dynamic industrial balancing employs the latest state-of-the-art computer controlled balancers to optimise your equipment’s performance by accurately identifying and correcting imperfections in large rotational components measuring up to three tonnes and with a maximum swing diameter of 2.1 metres.

Spinning up to 1250rpm, Driveline’s industrial balancing service is ideal for oversized industrial equipment such as fans, industrial shafts, propellers, spindles, gyroscopes, beaters, industrial shafts, brake drums, wheel hubs, armaturers, impellers, centrifuges, rollers, turbine shafts and other large rotating parts & equipment.


For Sale

You can’t claim the title of underbody & power transmission specialists by using second rate gear.

To remain at the forefront of our industry, Driveline regularly updates its equipment. In this section, we will list our surplus equipment and if you find anything of interest, please contact us at [email protected]

We currently have no surplus equipment we wish to advertise, however, we do have a new shipment of genuine Spicer 35514.014.01 gears available on shelf and ready to work now


Transmission Dyno

Driveline’s Heavy Duty Transmission Dyno service is available for testing and fault diagnostics specialising in Dana/Clark applications.

Our testing equipment accommodates all sizes of off highway transmisisons, power shift and manual shift, including drop box and remote mounted configurations.

Performing true full throttle, load-induced downshifts, the load unit can push test transmissions into first gear and hold them there, even with the drive system set at full throttle.

Precise load control allows the operator to select everything from no-load to full load with unmatched precision and the ability to perform pinpoint shift detection.


Measurement Charts

Driveline helps you to help us… with these simple downloadable forms on how to measure it and what it looks like.

Select from one of the measurement forms below.


Technical Info

What is the vehicle to be used for?

Knowing whether your vehicle is going to be your daily driver or a dedicated street, strip, circuit or off road beast or anything in between, will help you decide what components are best when it comes time to do any modifications you may need.

How much horsepower does the vehicle make and do you intend to develop more power?

Consider your needs and wants before you build and save money by not replacing parts in the future.

Are you fitting a different engine, transmission or diff?

Having a little information at the beginning of your project, will help you set the correct angles for your driveline (see FAQ driveline angles)

What tyre size and wheel size are you going to use?

Tyre size will assist us select the correct diff ratio for your application. Wheel size, especially offset, is critical to building custom rear ends.

Custom Assemblies

All modified vehicles are unique. Individual technical advice should be considered to ensure that your satisfaction and performance expectations are met by your additional modification.

Component Purchases/Orders

When purchasing items, a full payment is required for off-the-shelf parts. Custom builds will require a deposit before supply with an additional payment prior to build.

Custom Builds

To ensure your satisfaction, a completed dimension sheet will need to be forwarded to Driveline, by fax, email or post, prior to the commencement of all custom builds.


Pricing is available upon request and is subject to change without notice. Invoices paid in full are not subject to change.


Please ensure that measurements are accurate and dimensions are checked prior to making any axle modifications. Failing to do so may void your warranty.

All axles supplied by Driveline are made from either hardened 1541H steel or 4140 chrome-moly. Axle warranty may be void if axle used incorrectly in a performance application. Please consult Driveline for technical information.



Jargon Buster

A differential is a collection of gears that splits engine torque from the central tailshaft of a vehicle to the two perpendicular axles that lead to the wheels, allowing each to rotate at different speeds.
A differential can be found between the driving wheels on almost all modern vehicles, with many all-wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles employing up to three (front, centre and rear).

There are many mechanical variations on the differential, but all deliver the same basic operation.

For more on differentials, see Limited Slip Differentials.

A limited slip differential is a collection of gears, clutches and springs or a viscous coupling that splits engine power from the central tailshaft of a vehicle to the two perpendicular axles driving the wheels, allowing each to rotate at different speeds.
If a vehicle was only ever to drive in a straight line on a flat road and never lose traction, then there would be no need for anything but a fixed axle assembly. The reality is however that roads are not always straight, flat or even, surface conditions change and the stresses imposed on a vehicle change by the second, according to the forces of acceleration, braking, cornering and more.

In their most common form, limited slip diffs employ mechanically driven clutches and gears to slow the rotation of wheels under less load (eg. those that have lost traction) transferring that power to those wheels under more load (eg. those that have maintained traction) thus ensuring all available power is being maximised.

A commonly found and easily overlooked problem in modified performance vehicles is a damaged diff housing. While the sharp and sudden impact from a collision will send owners crawling all over their vehicles looking for macro damage, it’s the silent, near invisible micro damage that results from excessive weight, heat or stress on your housing that can easily be missed. When damage invisible to the eye can result in leaking seals, shortened bearing life, pinched axle shafts, misalignment and more, it’s easy to go spending your hard earned on fixing the symptoms rather than the cause.
Ozdiff employs specialised state-of-the-art diff straightening machinery to accurately measure and straighten damaged diff housings; in many cases returning them to their optimal shape without the use of heat. If you suspect your housing may be need straightening, contact us to arrange an inspection from one of our performance diff experts.

During cornering, a vehicle outer wheels must travel further than its inner wheels, while bearing the increased load imposed by the vehicle’s body roll (away from the corner). Without a LSD, the reduced load on the inner wheels may result in inner wheel spin. With a LSD the inner wheel’s rotation is retarded and power transferred to the outer wheel driving it around the corner.

Gear lapping is a fine grade finishing process in which a gear set is reshaped and meshed together with an abrasive compound, whilst under pressure. As the lapping process truly mates the gear set’s profile by removing and refining its contact surface, lapped gears generally exhibit a high quality finish, increased accuracy, increased strength, a longer life and an improved performance when compared to non-lapped gears.
Gear lapping can also be used to restore and give new life to worn gear sets.


Special Projects

You set the challenge, and we will, if engineeringly possible, go the distance and meet it head on.

With over 30 years of engineering experience under our belt, and a workshop bristling with cutting edge technology, including our latest Leadwell 3 axis computer controlled milling machine we have the brains and the brawn to make it happen.

We are currently working on some special project solutions we have offered our customers for display here.

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