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Centre Bearing Solutions

The team at Driveline imports and supplies a huge range of centre bearings for all types of vehicles, machinery and equipment. Centre bearings play a critical role in supporting your driveline and maintaining correct angular alignment. That means the right centre bearing can make all the difference to your powertrain’s performance and longevity. With each bearing being uniquely matched to the driveshaft series, equipment, RPM and operating angles, our centre bearing catalogue contains parts for thousands of applications.

Driveline Services Australia works with OEMs and OEM quality manufacturers from across the world. We globally procure centre bearings to suit most types of passenger vehicles, 4WDs, trucks, mining equipment and industrial machinery. Our team works with clients from a broad range of industries, including road transport, mining, processing, manufacturing and more. With decades of expertise behind our services, we’ll always be able to match a centre bearing to your application. Talk to us today to find out more about centre bearings, or to make a booking for a centre bearing replacement or repair at one of our automotive workshops around the country.

Centre Bearing Solutions Manufactured at Driveline

Driveline works with leading manufacturers and OEMs across the world to import and supply centre bearings for most drivelines. We carry thousands of unique parts on our shelves, so we always have components available when you need them. Our existing catalogues include an extensive range of centre bearing replacement parts, as well as unique components to suit oversized and unusual applications.

Beyond the parts on our shelves, Driveline is also a specialist manufacturer of driveshafts in Australia. If we don’t carry the centre bearing you need, or if it is no longer available, our team is fully equipped to manufacture a custom solution to get you going again. With more than 40 years of experience, our fabrication team is capable of producing a centre bearing solution to match your specifications. We’ll work with you to design a component that suits your application, power output and driveline angles. Our fabrication process results in driveshafts that are capable of withstanding hard use in some of Australia’s harshest industries. Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about designing a custom centre bearing and driveshaft for any vehicle, commercial or industrial driveline.

Centre Bearing Drive Shaft Packages

Whether you’re off-roading in a 4WD or working with industrial equipment, a centre bearing plays an integral role in the transmission of power. To maximise equipment uptime, improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs, Driveline matches our centre bearings to each driveshaft and application.

Our custom centre bearing driveshaft solutions ensure operators are safe, your driveshaft is balanced and your angles are set for maximum component life.
In the event that a centre bearing does become damaged or worn, we’re typically able to supply a replacement part. Whether we’re working on an OEM part or a custom assembly, our centre bearing replacement services ensure your equipment is always in top condition. Between our centre bearing catalogue, repair services and custom fabrication capabilities, Driveline’s workshop is equipped to provide parts for clients across Australia.

Complete Driveshafts

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Centre Bearing Replacement Parts at Driveline

Centre bearings are at the heart of many powertrains. A high-quality centre bearing ensures power is properly transmitted to the driven components and is the best way to maximise equipment uptime. Driveline stocks a broad range of centre bearing replacements for most types of vehicles and equipment, including:

  • Performance vehicle and car centre bearing replacement parts
  • 4WDs and light fleet vehicles
  • On and off-road trucks
  • Mining trucks and vehicles
  • Mining processing equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment and machinery
  • Agriculture and processing machinery
  • Locomotive power transmission
  • Materials handling equipment


With 12 locations across Australia, booking a centre bearing replacement appointment is simple. We’re available when and where you need us, and our extensive centre bearing catalogue means we can get your vehicle up and running in no time.

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