Driveshaft Solutions

Driveline Services Australia supplies and manufactures complete driveshaft assemblies to suit a broad range of vehicles, machinery and other equipment. With workshops located throughout Australia, our expert team is never far away if you need new or replacement driveshafts for your operation.

We work with and supply products from leading OEMs and OEM-quality manufacturers from across the world. As leading importers and exporters of driveshafts Australia wide, Driveline manufactures and stocks complete driveshafts for on and off-road vehicles, as well as for equipment from most manufacturers. If you’re unable to find the parts you need in our existing catalogues, we can also design and manufacture custom driveshafts to suit every environment. Get in touch with Driveline to source complete driveshafts or to enquire about our driveshaft manufacturing services.

Driveline is a Specialist Driveshaft Manufacturer

Driveline carries tens of thousands of unique components on our shelves. While we often have suitable complete driveshafts in stock, some applications require specialist or custom-manufactured components. If we don’t stock the part you need, our experienced team is equipped to manufacture custom driveshafts.

As an Australian driveshaft manufacturer, Driveline can work with you to design and fabricate high quality driveshafts to suit any application. We’ll work within your requirements to deliver complete driveshaft assemblies that meet your size and power specifications. We work using a range of state of the art materials and production processes that allow us to manufacture driveshafts capable of withstanding harsh use in the hardest industries. Contact us today to find out more or to request a custom manufactured driveshaft.

Complete Driveshafts

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Driveshafts for Mining, Transport & Industrial Applications

Driveline takes great pride in being a leading supplier and manufacturer of driveshafts in Australia. While we carry an extensive variety of driveshafts for passenger vehicles, we also provide specialist services to mining, transport, industrial, marine and commercial clients. If driveshafts are at the heart of your equipment, Driveline can source, supply, design or manufacture a component that matches your requirements. We support commercial, industrial and government clients across Australia with driveshafts to suit applications that include:


Driveshaft Repairs and Balancing

While it’s often simple to replace a worn, damaged or broken driveshaft, Driveline also provides repair services to return your driveshafts to perfect condition. As part of our automotive workshop services, our experienced design and fabrication team is able to restore damaged driveshafts. Whether the component was custom made or came from the factory, we can rebuild it to meet or exceed its original specifications.  

Our driveshaft repairs are carried out by an experienced team with access to state of the art equipment and new replacement parts. With a driveshaft component inventory containing thousands of part numbers, worn and damaged driveshaft components can be machined and replaced to give your shaft a new lease on life. In some instances, corroded and worn components can be restored using a special mechanical metal reclamation process. This low temperature bonding method ensures the driveshaft component maintains its integrity, and it can be used to replace between 0.5mm and 1mm of material. For damaged or bent driveshafts, we use our industrial balancers to detect and remove imperceptible imperfections. Together, these three services allow us to perform extensive driveshaft repairs and ensure your equipment is always up and running.