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Shock Absorber Solutions

Take on some of Australia’s harshest terrain and conditions with Durashock shock absorbers, Driveline’s own suspension brand. Durashock offers unrivalled performance in every environment and has become the number one choice for aftermarket 4WD suspension systems in the country. As part of our extensive range of suspension components, Driveline supplies and fits Durashock shock absorbers, springs and complete suspension kits to suit most Australian 4WDs. As an integral part of every suspension system, Durashock shock absorbers are designed to operate in even the most demanding applications where they are proven to perform time and again.

As a leading Australian manufacturer, importer and supplier of shock absorbers, Driveline provides an extensive selection of suspension components to the national market. With thousands of parts in stock and an extensive Durashock 4WD catalogue, Driveline is equipped to support your vehicle or fleet. Contact us today for a quote on shock absorbers, suspension kits, parts, servicing and repairs.

Shock Absorbers at Driveline Services Australia

Driveline has spent the past 40 years providing parts, servicing and repairs for the vehicles and equipment that keep Australia moving. In that time, we have developed relationships that allow us to operate as a leading manufacturer, importer, exporter and supplier of shock absorbers and suspension equipment. Driveline carries tens of thousands of unique components on our shelves, meaning our team can supply the 4WD shock absorbers you need. With over 20 years in the Australian market, Driveline’s range of Durashock shock absorbers are the among toughest and most economical suspension solutions available.
Backed by an extensive network of branch locations across Australia, Driveline has become the leading service and repair partner for some of the country’s biggest industries. No matter the requirement, Driveline’s vast industry expertise allows us to provide shock absorbers, servicing and suspension repairs for almost all 4WDs and light fleet vehicles. Whether you’re after replacement parts, shock absorbers, servicing or complete suspension kits, our inventory includes the equipment you need.

Robust Shock Absorbers for Every Application

Driveline is proud to be one of Australia’s leading independently owned and operated suppliers of shock absorbers and suspension components. Durashock, Driveline’s own suspension brand, features Australian designed shock absorbers and suspension parts built to match local conditions. The Durashock range includes suspension solutions for most Australian delivered 4WDs. Contact us to find out more about Durashock shock absorbers for your vehicles and fleet.
Shock absorbers are subject to some of the toughest operating conditions on the planet. From potholes to corrugations, extreme heat, snow, mud, sand and more, your suspension components live a demanding life. To ensure your comfort and safety when you’re on the road, it’s important to invest in quality solutions and regular servicing. Built to navigate Australia’s harsh outback and some of the country’s most demanding industries, Durashock shock absorbers are a world-class solution for individuals, fleet operators, government departments and beyond.

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Driveline Is a Leading Manufacturer of Shock Absorbers

For more than 20 years, the Driveline team has been working hard to stay at the forefront of robust suspension solutions. Our efforts have paid off, and we are proud to offer our own range of Australian-designed, tough, economical shock absorbers. Durashock suspension components include shock absorbers for most Australian delivered 4WDs. Designed with a robust twin-tube gas-charged body, Durashock shock absorbers are the dependable suspension solution that won’t break your bank.
The Durashock range incorporates decades of experience, design, engineering, and testing. Each of our shock absorbers has undergone rigorous testing in some of Australia’s harshest outback conditions. The tough design, precision engineering and heat resistant triple lip seals ensure Durashock shock absorbers deliver improved control, dynamic handling and greater comfort on every surface. Whether you are looking to upgrade your weekend ride, tour the country or need suspension solutions for a fleet of mine vehicles, Driveline is ready to help. Explore our full range of Durashock shock absorbers in our catalogue or contact us for a quote.

Shock Absorber Replacement and Servicing

Driveline Service Australia operates a network of warehouses and workshops across the country, which means we’re never far away if you need servicing, repairs or shock absorbers for your vehicles. To ensure our workshops carry the components you need, Driveline maintains a stock of tens of thousands of spare parts. Whether you need shock absorber replacement parts or servicing, our national workshops are equipped to help. Talk to our team to find out more about shock absorbers, replacement parts, suspension solutions, servicing and repairs at any one of our locations.