GVM Upgrades

Whether you’re hard at work or packing your 4WD for a weekend of camping, Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrades are a great way to make your vehicle more capable. Driveline designs, manufactures and installs safe and reliable GVM upgrades for utes and 4WDs from some of Australia’s favourite manufacturers.

Your vehicle’s GVM is the manufacturer’s rating for the total mass of a car when it’s fully loaded. When designing cars, manufacturers use the GVM to test vehicle performance, braking and handling while on the road. Vehicles that exceed their GVM quickly become unsafe to drive, putting the occupants and other road users at risk.

Whether it’s for work or play, you can increase your vehicle’s GVM with our Landcruiser GVM upgrade kit or a Hilux GVM Upgrade from Driveline.

Our fully tested and certified GVM upgrades allow you to carry heavy loads without impacting vehicle safety.

Driveline’s Durashock SMART GVM Upgrades

Driveline is proud to offer an extensive range of GVM upgrades through Durashock, our own brand of suspension components. We’ve spent years developing and testing our Durashock products to ensure they’re ready for hard use in Australia’s harshest conditions.

All Durashock GVM Upgrades are engineered using our SMART principles:

  • Superior load carrying. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, our SMART GVM upgrades can safely increase your GVM by up to 600kg.
  • Minimal height increase. Our GVM upgrades are specifically designed to minimise vehicle lift, improving comfort, safety and handling.
  • All-around comfort. Controlling vehicle lift and handling characteristics means our GVM upgrades can increase your vehicle’s capacity without impacting the comfort of the ride.
  • Real safety benefits. Minimising vehicle lift, improving road handling and increasing comfort all deliver real safety benefits that protect drivers on and off the road.
  • Tested and certified. Driveline’s Durashock GVM upgrades are fully tested and certified by the Federal Department of Transport, allowing us to produce Australia’s best GVM upgrades.

Driveline is authorised to perform Durashock SMART GVM upgrades to suit the Toyota LandCruiser and Toyota HiLux. To find out whether we supply 4wd upgrade parts for your vehicle, you can view our Durashock catalogues or contact us for more information.


Complete GVM Upgrades

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GVM Upgrades for Mining Fleets

Driveline Services Australia is approved by the Federal Department of Transport as a manufacturer of second-stage GVM upgrades. We work with a wide range of clients across Australia, from private enthusiasts to major transport, agriculture, manufacturing and mining companies.

Years of testing and experience go into the development of each of our Durashock components. We’ve worked hard to develop a system of coil springs, leaf springs and shock absorbers that deliver significant impact for a Landcruiser GMV upgrade with minimal impact on ride height and road handling capabilities.

Minimising vehicle lift allows Durashock GVM upgrades to deliver a few key benefits:

  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Reduced chance of rollover in emergency situations
  • Easier access to doors, tailgates and trays to reduce manual handling injuries
  • Improved driving performance and ride comfort reduce driver stress and fatigue

Talk to the Driveline team today if you want to know more about our Hilux GVM upgrades or Landcruiser GVM upgrades that we offer to customers across Australia.


GVM Upgrades - FAQs

A Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrade increases a vehicle’s maximum load capacity. If you need to carry heavy tools, materials or lots of passengers, a GVM upgrade can safely increase the capacity and improve your vehicle’s capabilities.
No. GVM upgrades don’t affect the maximum towing capacity of a vehicle, although the right Landcruiser GVM upgrade or Hilux GVM upgrade can improve handling while towing.
Most GVM upgrades are installed on utes and 4WDs that are used for work. Mining companies in Queensland and Western Australia often upgrade the GVM of their passenger vehicles to make them more capable of handling the harsh environment.
Driveline’s Durashock GVM upgrades can increase your vehicle’s GVM by up to 600kg, depending on the make and model of the car. Contact us to find out what options we have available for your vehicle.
Driveline is a proudly Australian company with locations in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. You can use our store locator to find your nearest Driveline Services workshop to enquire about GVM upgrades.

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