GVM Upgrades

If you’re pushing your Toyota to the upper limit, you need a GVM upgrade. Driveline’s Durashock SMART GVM Upgrades.

Superior load carrying capacity… increase your GVM by 600kg (model dependent).

Minimal height increase… upgrades specifically designed to minimise vehicle lift.

All-round comfort… specifically designed to deliver maximum load-carrying with the best possible comfort.

Real safety benefits… more load + less height* + increased comfort = occupational health and safety win.

Tested & federally certified… Driveline Services Australia is approved by the Federal Department of Transport and Road Safety as a Second stage manufacturer for GVM upgrades.

*Reduced lift height means the vehicle has a lower centre of gravity; a reduced chance of rollover in emergency situations; lower tray, door, tailgate and sill heights; reduced chance of manual handling injuries; reduced driver stress and fatigue.

Complete GVM Upgrades

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