Metal Reclamation

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Metal Reclamation

For over 15 years, Driveline has used the Mechanical Bond method of Metal Reclamation to return metal to worn surface parts.

This process, unlike a fusion bond, means that it ‘grips’ the parent item as opposed to melting the parent item and fusing together. Items to be repaired are machined between 0.5mm and 1mm deep to allow minimum thickness of spray material, far less than the original hard facing depth of up to 2mm.

Areas not to be sprayed are masked with either ordinary masking tape or special paste. Maximum temperature is approximately 105 deg C and the sprayed item can be removed from the chuck by hand in most instances.

Items to be spray welded are not preheated to 700 deg C or greater (cherry red) as some other forms of shaft reclamation require. The sprayed area is then re-sized to original specification by machining in a lathe, then undergoes a rigorous quality assurance  inspection before being returned to the customer.


Metal Reclamation

Driveline Spray Welding or Metal Reclamation service.